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A comprehensive guide to selling Pleasanton, CA real estate

If you’re gearing up to sell your home in California’s Tri-Valley region, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to guide you through every step of the selling process, leading you to the best possible deal.

Setting clear goals

Before you embark on your home selling journey, consider your main objectives and targets. Take time to answer important questions like:

  • What is my motivation for relocating?
  • Am I moving because I want to or is it because I have to (a job change, for example)?
  • Do I want dollars in my account as soon as possible?
  • Do I have time to wait for the best offer?
  • Is it time to cash in on my investment?

Your answers will help you chart a clear, targeted, and time-bound sales plan, guide you as you review offers, and decide which offer matches your needs and preferences best.

Working with a real estate agent

When selling your property, expect to deal with meticulous details, tight deadlines, and a wide range of emotions – especially if you’ve invested a lot of sentimental value in your home. Work with an experienced real estate professional to lighten your load in a big way.

Your agent will help you:

  • Navigate and complete all the necessary processes and paperwork
  • Stay objective and reliant on facts when pricing your property
  • Design a targeted marketing plan and realistic selling timeline
  • Decide on the best time to put your property on the market
  • Represent your best interests with firmness and authority at the negotiation and closing tables

Preparing your home to sell

To make your property appealing to a broad range of potential buyers, use these key steps:

  • Depersonalize your living spaces. Keep personal décor and trinkets out of sight. This will allow visiting buyers to visualize how they can make the house their own.
  • Get repairs done on all the essentials. Don’t let buyers find leaky faucets or creaky hinges when they tour your home. Taking care of these small but important repairs will convince them that every part of the house is working as they should.
  • Boost your curb appeal to make a great first impression. Wow your potential buyers even before they take one step inside your house. Set a positive and pleasant mood right from the start of your home tour.

Pricing your property

Assigning the right asking price for your home is essential to the success of your home sale. If you set an unreasonable list price based on emotions and personal biases, your listing will struggle to gain interest from serious buyers and savvy buyer’s agents.

Use your agent’s local expertise. In addition to researching average Pleasanton, California home prices, review properties similar to your home. Look into current listings and recent sales to determine a reasonable price range that comparable homes are fetching from local buyers.

Putting your home on the market

Work closely with your agent to craft effective marketing materials and techniques designed to catch the attention of your target buyers. These include:

  • High-definition photos and videos
  • Accurate, comprehensive, and creatively written descriptions
  • High visibility on various online platforms such as real estate websites and social media
  • Advertisements in prominent local publications and other similar promotional materials

Your agent will determine the best time to make your listing publicly available, aiming to maximize exposure and visibility as soon as it goes live.

If you are a luxury property owner who would rather stay anonymous, ask your agent to market your home through their exclusive network and personal contacts.

Reviewing and negotiating offers

Patience is key at this stage of the selling process. Instead of getting excited or overwhelmed by early offers, sit down with your agent to review every detail of an offer package – from the offer price, to contingencies, to mortgage terms and schedules.

Work with your agent to negotiate toward a mutually agreeable “sweet spot” between your buyer’s offer and your asking price. Your agent will provide an objective and level-headed stance representing your best interests at this crucial and often stressful juncture.

Fulfilling contingencies and closing the deal

After you accept an offer and enter the escrow process with your buyer, your responsibility as the home seller is to allow inspectors and appraisers to access your home and perform their respective duties. Address any issues as soon as you can to prevent any delays in closing your sale.


  • What is Escrow and Why is it Necessary in Selling Your Home
    When buying or selling a home for the first time, you should familiarize yourself with the escrow process. Escrow is the holding of funds by a third party for a designated purpose within a financial contract, including real estate sales. While not a legal requirement in California, it is a common real estate practice that protects the buyer’s and seller’s interest while the selling process is not yet complete. Any exchange of payment is frozen during the escrow period, as the seller and the buyer work to remove agreed upon contingencies, and the buyer finalizes the financing for the house.

Get the best offers for your Pleasanton, CA home for sale with the McDowell Real Estate Group

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